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Hi! I'm Karen, an executive marketing strategist turned coach and hypnotherapist. I help women change their relationship with their inner b*tch (that lives in their head), by teaching practical mind-shifting techniques they can use long-term to attract the ONE.

In this book, you will learn, laugh, and follow along as I share my personal, unapologetic story and tools so you can:

  • Let go of the past and love the badass you are

  • Silence your inner b*tch and transform negative beliefs you have about yourself and men

  • Attract the badass husband you've always wanted

Like most women I work with, I struggled most of my early life, never feeling good enough. Especially as a single mom raising two kids alone, I would bring so much unnecessary internal suffering upon myself with limiting beliefs and toxic thoughts that I would attract ALL THE WRONG MEN!

It wasn't until I utilized hypno-healing tools and strategies to transform my negative beliefs that I broke up with my inner b*tch and attracted the love of my life. And all of it I outline in my book and companion programs.

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